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    Royal Transportation Co. is your connection to all group events: Leave the driving to Royal so your group enjoys the trip together on the way to your destination and return home safe and relaxed.

    Cedar Point



    All aboard the Royal Express to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Special package rates for all sized of groups.


    Boost Employee Morale by treating your employees to a great day together at Cedar Point. Today, small companies and organizations collaborate to share the cost and achieve great value for each participating group.


    Special package rates as low as ($20.00) per person. 


    *call for custom pricing information





    Royal is the practical solution for your wedding plans. Stylish and comfortable minibuses, midbuses and luxury motorcoaches are the best to serve the wedding party and the guests. Special package rates for the rehearsal dinner, the bachelor and bachelorette nights out on the town, and the wedding day shuttle service from your choice of guest hotels to the reception and return safety to the hotel.


    Ask us about Courtyard Marriott Specials.


    *call for custom pricing information


    A great sport town.


    Special Package rates to see the Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena, the Tigers at Comerica Park, the Lions at Ford Field, and the Pistons at the Palace.



    Special package rates as low as ($15) for 8-57 passengers. 


    *call for custom pricing information


    Connect to the Palace of Auburn Hills.


    Take your group to a Detroit Pistons game, a Shock game, concerts and all events. Special package rates as low as ($10.00) per person. 

    *all prices subject to change without notice*

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    10-14 Passenger Express Shuttle



    20 Passenger Minibus with Handicap Accessibility



    25 Passenger Minibus


    31 Passenger MidBus



    57 Passenger Motorcoach

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